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Edward M. Genson

Edward Genson has been called the dean of Chicago criminal defense attorneys by Lawyers USA and the Chicago Tribune, and “the go-to lawyer in town” by Chicago Magazine. In more than 40 years of white-collar and criminal defense practice, he has been lead counsel in high-profile civil and criminal litigation as defense attorney for senior… Read more »

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Vadim A. Glozman

Vadim A. Glozman is an attorney at Edward M. Genson & Associates where he represents individuals and corporations facing state and federal prosecution, focusing on white collar and major felony criminal defense, civil and criminal asset forfeiture, and appellate representation. Mr. Glozman assists in the aggressive defense of the firm’s clients in complex federal matters… Read more »

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Blaire C. Dalton – Of Counsel

Blaire C. Dalton is the managing partner of the Law Offices of Blaire C. Dalton. She focuses her practice primarily in the areas of criminal defense, section 1983 civil rights actions, and asset forfeiture defense. Since becoming an attorney, Dalton has helped win numerous acquittals including clients charged with violent crimes, drug crimes, sex offenses,… Read more »

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